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Common Machinery Construction
Antrova has worked for many years in different sectors of mechanical engineering. This includes the construction of industrial facilities as well as compact micro constructions. As a small engineering company, we concentrate in our employees a lot of know-how and experience from different tasks and branches. We are proud of our employees, their talent and experience.

Our employees have worked in:
  • packaging industry
  • block-type thermal power station
  • environmentally-friendly concepts and solutions
  • biogas concepts
  • car industry
  • software development/ electric motor control
  • farm-machinery industry
  • power train of ships
  • Running and setup of service departments
As well as combustion engine and energy technology (please see separate description). We are always open and looking for new challenges! Let us get in touch to see how we can help you with your projects. The team of engineers is led by the experienced engineer Markus Widenhorn (Master of Engineering TU München).

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