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The next step, test side of Fraunhofer-Institute for Chemical Technologies in Germany

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Antrova AG is accelerating the ComprexTM project to bring a 20% reduction of CO2 on combustion engines to the market. Reducing CO2 by 20% is a long-sought achievement in engineering. It is presently the best and most economical way on a large cut down percentage of CO2.
The next step is: taking the ComprexTM to the test side of Fraunhofer-Institute for Chemical Technologies in Germany. The technical department of Antrova AG is ready!

According to science and market, combustion engines will hold a market share of 30-50% in the next 40 years. This problematic can’t wait! We must act fast – and the industry must act fast helping to reduce CO2 on each produced combustion engine.

Antrova AG is taking action in a CO2 reduction.

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